Raahbar Informatic Services Co. was established by the Ministry of Commerce in 1991, in order to provide technical and engineering services in the fields of ICT and e-commerce. Due to the implementation policy of article 44 of the constitution, the company turned into a privately held company in 2011. With more than 2 decades of experience, knowledge and expertise of its employees, which is considered as its greatest capital, Raahbar supports national and international public and private informatics projects. The company’s main strength lies in the unique knowledge and experience of its team of experts and practitioners. Moreover, the company is one of the most important ICT holdings in the country, which is affiliated by a well-known public joint stock company with more than 120 subsidiary companies.



Our mission is to deliver a distinctive competitive advantage to our customers by combining technology and industry leadership with a complete focus on satisfying customers’ short and long term needs. Our aim is to continuously meet the expectations of our customers, employees and stakeholders by providing quality, timely and cost effective solutions from world-class vendors, through excellent services delivered by highly trained and motivated experts.



Our vision is to become the pioneer ICT holding in Iran and to enhance our ability to compete globally.



Our values are flexibility, integrity, teamwork, hard work, innovation, creativity, and mutual respect.


Our Customers

Our customers are mainly: traditional telecommunication companies (Telcos, ISPs and ASPs), banks, financial service companies, industrial companies, governmental sectors, and other service companies. Our customers profit from qualified solutions with the highest service level. We place a strong focus on our core competencies, the operation of our data center infrastructure, the interconnection of our sites, and other capabilities in order to render better services to our customers.


Our team

Our company is comprised of talented individuals with the breadth and depth of experience, knowledge, and tools to help our clients with any issue or challenge.


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