Tose'e Samaneh Behengam Ghadir Co. (ISEEMA)

The 1st IPTV and OTT service provider in the country



Raahbar Rayaneh Resource Manager Co. (3RM)

A leading company specialized in providing ERP solutions



Dana Integrated System for Electronic Interactions Co. (SITAD)

A leading company in electronic interactions



Fanavaran Etemaad Raahbar Co. (RTT)

A certificate issuance center and E-single window for the Iran`s Unions System



RailCom Raahbar Co. (RailCom)

A leading optic fiber company


Tose'e Samaneh Behengam Ghadir Co.

ISEEMA is a leading IPTV and OTT company, operating subscription television channels and media services. In fact, IPTV is a system through which television services are delivered using the internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network. 

The output could be delivered through all IP based media devices in different forms including audio, video, text, radio, and television. ISEEMA offers a variety of services including live TV channel programs, recording, access to archives, time management services, catch-up services, gaming, voice connection, video conference, public services, TV shopping, TV banking, and the like.


Raahbar Rayaneh Resource Manager Co.

Due to the paramount importance of evaluating, selecting and launching an integrated and comprehensive information system, especially an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), in leading organizations, these organizations have no choice but to develop such systems in order to become more efficient and effective. In order to answer this need, 3RM is established with cooperation of reliable foreign companies and skillful advisors, and have carried out a wide range of activities such as conducting fundamental and applied research, organizing professional teams and implementing some projects. Currently, 3RM is recognized as a well-known company in terms of evaluating, selecting and implementing ERP systems.


Dana Integrated System for Electronic Interactions Co.

The company is a software and hardware company that offers information and document sharing services, with the highest national and international standards, in order to handle G2G transactions. Moreover, the company provides safe and reliable platforms for handling G2C and G2B transactions.


Fanavaran Etemaad Raahbar Co.

RTT is established in order to set up a certificate authority center in both economic and commercial domains. The company has several years of experience, as well as vast knowledge and expertise, as its greatest capital, and plays a significant role as a capable certificate authority center in national projects and E-single window for the Iran`s Unions System.


RailCom Raahbar Co.

Internet bandwidth transmission over fiber is an inevitable requirement of the modern societies. With the ever increasing demand from end users for the higher bandwidths and speeds for video streaming services and applications, the only real cost-effective way to achieve is fiber optics technology. Iran, with its unique geographical position, is the best candidate as a secure, credible and reliable alternative transit route with low latency for international operators.

Railcom is the agent and operator of the Railway Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of fibre cable infrastructure. The fiber network spans and connects East to West and North to South of international borders using the latest 100G DWDM/OTN technology for bandwidth transmission allowing global operators to utilize connectivity to the neighboring countries of Iran.


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