Raahbar Sarir Integrated Tracking Systems Inc

Founded in 2013, Raahbar Sarir Integrated Tracking Systems Inc. (private joint stock) started supporting ideas and start-ups in 2017. Providing co-working space and an acceleration program, this enterprise endeavors to develop the notion of open innovation in Raahbar Information Services Co (RISCO) as the executive arm of this holding. Comprising an energetic team and adopting an innovative approach, Sarir caters to start-ups.



Tose'e Samaneh Behengam Ghadir Co.

ISEEMA is a leading IPTV and OTT company, operating subscription television channels and media services. In fact, IPTV is a system through which television services are delivered using the internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network. 

The output could be delivered through all IP based media devices in different forms including audio, video, text, radio, and television. ISEEMA offers a variety of services including live TV channel programs, recording, access to archives, time management services, catch-up services, gaming, voice connection, video conference, public services, TV shopping, TV banking, and the like.



Dana Integrated System for Electronic Interactions Co.

The company is a software and hardware company that offers information and document sharing services, with the highest national and international standards, in order to handle G2G transactions. Moreover, the company provides safe and reliable platforms for handling G2C and G2B transactions.



Fanavaran Etemaad Raahbar Co.

RTT is established in order to set up a certificate authority center in both economic and commercial domains. The company has several years of experience, as well as vast knowledge and expertise, as its greatest capital, and plays a significant role as a capable certificate authority center in national projects and E-single window for the Iran`s Unions System.



RailCom Raahbar Co.

Internet bandwidth transmission over fiber is an inevitable requirement of the modern societies. With the ever increasing demand from end users for the higher bandwidths and speeds for video streaming services and applications, the most cost-effective way to achieve is fiber optics technology. Iran, with its unique geographical position, is the best candidate as a secure, credible and reliable alternative transit route with low latency for international operators.

To achieve this goal over a 16-year contract with the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, Railcom Raahbar company has the right to exploit 10,000 km of fiber-optic for 15 years. The first phase of the company’s investment is the north-south project including Bazargan landing point (Turkish border), Norduz landing point (border with Armenia) and Bandar Abbas landing point (water border with Gulf States). East-West project (Digital Silk Roads) is the second stage of the company’s investment, including landing points of Bazargan and Mirjaveh (Pakistan border).100G POTN / DWDM is the latest technology of data transit for ultra-long haul which has been utilized in North-South and East-West projects. The initial capacity is 3.2 Tb/s which can be promoted up to 9.6 Tb/s. 10GE and STM64 services are able to be offered to clients in both routes. several types of mechanisms have been considered as protection like Back up route, Equipment level protection, Management level protection, Network level protection (ODUK 1+1 SNCP) and telecom rooms in both routes are monitored by smart systems.


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