Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS

Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS

Dedicated cloud servers are a combination of physical server and virtualization technology. In other words, a cloud server is a server of a new generation of servers with the same quality as dedicated servers, a lower price than dedicated servers and higher flexibility than all other types of servers. Each cloud server is technically separated from other servers and provides high quality server usage by allocating all the resources needed to the customer.

Dedicated cloud servers have to some extent all the benefits of a dedicated server and a virtual server (VPS), allowing the data center administrator to use the automation solution to restart the server or reinstall the operating system. In fact, cloud dedicated servers are likened to powerful virtual dedicated servers (VPSs) where, in addition to faster performance and high flexibility in upgrading and reducing server resources, they will also cost less.

Rahbar Company, in order to increase the variety of services and cover a wider range of consumer needs, has launched a dedicated cloud server rental service. The packages offered by the leader by filling the gap between dedicated servers and virtual servers allow customers to continue to grow if they need a service with more resources than VPS and a balanced cost.

With this service, you can design and customize your cloud data center just like a physical data center. As a network administrator, you have complete control over your datacenter, and you can use the network definition to create as many virtual servers as you want, add disks and storage resources to the servers, and define firewall policies to secure your datacenter through the admin panel. Customize.

Features of dedicated cloud servers include the following:

Provide high traffic in the proposed packages
Fast and automatic installation
Provide a variety of ports
Flexibility and high speed in applying changes to server resources
Separate and dedicated resources
Provide service stability (with a reliability coefficient of 9.99%)
24 * 7 technical support

Features of Guide Cloud Services
Rahbar’s cloud services have unique features that distinguish it from other competitors.

Rahbar Company, ready to provide one of the largest data centers in Iran and using the latest technologies and standards in the world, as well as relying on two decades of experience in the field of information and communication technology, is ready to provide quality cloud services to organizations and businesses. is. The support teams of Rahbar Operations Center are ready to answer your questions, problems and needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domestic hosting: All servers of this center are hosted and maintained in the country, and this feature increases speed and accessibility.

Cost-effective: By providing cloud services, it is possible to save many times the cost.

24-hour support: Our data center specialists are ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security: The use of the latest hardware and security technologies has made this center one of the most secure internal data centers.

Allocate appropriate space on the parent server to the client and access additional resources on the shared hardware

Ability to upgrade very quickly (in less than a few minutes)
Providing service stability (with a reliability coefficient of 9.99%)
Technical support 24 * 7




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