Dedicated racks, safe and enclosed space (Cage)

Dedicated racks, safe and enclosed space (Cage)

Dedicated space is one of the services of big data centers that allows the creation and operation of a dedicated data center without the need to spend huge costs for public and private organizations and institutions. In fact, the Cage service provides enough space, facilities, and infrastructure to maintain, set up, and connect your servers and equipment to the Internet.


Cages are metal shelves that provide protection and security of your equipment by creating a completely safe and enclosed space.


These shelves are fully customizable and are designed to accommodate multiple cabinets or server racks.


In addition, there is the ability to provide and implement their own security and protection systems as needed.


One of the unique features of Rahbar Data Center is the ability to provide “enclosed space” services. These services provide all the infrastructure facilities (electricity, cooling, security, 3) and the bandwidth required for high-speed access to the Internet and the national network of the country together in the cage for your equipment.


Some features of private space services

Provide physical security using CCTV cameras, dedicated traffic control and authentication systems
Ensure uninterrupted power supply through UPS and diesel generator support systems
Supply of cooling system using air conditioners and ambient cooling in accordance with international standards
Allocate space equipped with false floor to install equipment
Provide fire alarm and extinguishing systems
Full-time support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all days of the year




IoT applications
Virtual Server
Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS
Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS
Infrastructure services as services — IaaS


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