Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

In this type of service, various facilities are provided for the client, including the dedicated server for the customer, high storage space, the possibility of high traffic, full control and control over the dedicated server, the possibility of backup ) Mentioned the information and data of the organization and the possibility of managing a dedicated server.


Taking advantage of these features has led many organizations to consider having a dedicated server in a trusted data center more convenient and cost-effective and to use this method.


Dedicated Server is a data center service that allows customers to rent a complete physical server.


An important feature of this type of service is its very high flexibility compared to shared servers.


In shared servers, a large number of clients share a server and its resources.


But with the purchase of a dedicated server service, complete control of a server is given to the customer and the possibility of its complete management, including operating system selection, type of hardware, implementation and customization of security strategies, having all hardware resources (including memory, processor) ،

Storage space), take advantage of all the allocated bandwidth and…

Provided for the customer.

These features have led many organizations and institutions to choose this type of service to host their website and data.


Dedicated server benefits
On a dedicated server, shared control of the security aspects of software and the operating system is shared. This ensures that the security of your server and data is not overshadowed by the incorrect and sometimes dangerous configuration of other subscribers. On the other hand, taking advantage of all the processing power of the physical server allows all activities to be performed more quickly.

However, the speed of data processing on shared servers to share processing resources among other subscribers can sometimes be slow.


Connecting these types of servers to the Internet through dedicated, high-speed bandwidth provides maximum accessibility and stability.

Unlike shared servers, the operation of other subscribers never interferes with the bandwidth allocated to the dedicated server, which allows this type of server to be able to process a much wider range of client requests without slowing down.


The price of a dedicated server may not be cheap compared to a shared server, but this type of service has several advantages. The company providing the dedicated server services is responsible for the physical protection and maintenance of the hardware in accordance with the standards, establishing a high-speed network connection, providing dedicated bandwidth, uninterrupted power supply, as well as full-time monitoring (24/7) on the proper operation of the dedicated server.


Dedicated server server
Rahbar Datacenter has been trusted by many public and private institutions, companies and organizations by providing dedicated server services in Iran and powerful HP servers, and is ready to meet and supply a wide range of your needs in the field of data center services. In the following, we will introduce some of the designs and specifications of the dedicated servers of Rahbar Informatics Services Company.




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