Design and engineering

Design and engineering

As a manufacturer of smart building products, smart home, home automation, smart office, commercial units, hotels and smart hospitals and factories, relying on its capable design and engineering team, Rahbar is able to design any intelligent system or device in all Surfaces are for specific applications and projects.


This capability has caused all the products and tools produced by this company to be offered with very high engineering and quality and competitive with international brands in the field of intelligence.


۱۲ months replacement warranty and 10 years after-sales service is a sign of quality and meeting all customer needs with completely customer-friendly facilities, is a sign of high engineering of these systems.


Rahbar is proudly ready to design, engineer and manufacture any special tools and systems for specific applications and projects.

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IoT applications
Virtual Server
Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS
Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS
Infrastructure services as services — IaaS


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