Raahbar Projects

Country car transaction information system
Issuance of licenses to obtain guilds in the country
Data Center
(ISeema) Samane Behengam Ghadir Company
Issuance of electronic certificate
IoT implementation
Issuance of business license
Automation of distribution of funds received by the country’s trade unions
Implementation of PKI & PKIE projects

Electronic elections

Currently, Citadel is one of the subsidiaries of ‘Raahbar Informatics Services’ as the main operator of electronic selection at the national level. This collection has the possibility of holding electronic elections in both paper and electronic models. Holding all elections at all levels (from the national level to the level of associations, systems, etc.) is the main specialty of this company.

Prevent fraud

Each person can use their identity information only once in the election

high security

Votes are counted by machines and transmitted to central servers

Ease and speed

Due to the receipt and registration of information by the computer, the registration speed is high

The unique knowledge and experience of the company's team of experts is its main strength

In addition, the company is one of the most important information and communication technology holdings in the country, which is affiliated with Ghadir Investment Company (Public Joint Stock) with more than 180 subsidiaries in various business fields.

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Raahbar News & Articles

IoT applications

IoT applications

IoT applications Internet of Things to provide lifestyle comfort, intelligent face-to-face and face-to-face learning, entertainment, energy saving and cost reduction, industrial intelligence, health and medicine, office automation, business management, Warehousing and sales, smart transportation and even everyday and personal ...

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

In some important businesses, organizations and industries, even a minute of service interruption can cause heavy and sometimes irreparable damage. With the help of cloud infrastructure, information will always be available without interruption, and the speed of sending and receiving ...

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

In this type of service, various facilities are provided for the client, including the dedicated server for the customer, high storage space, the possibility of high traffic, full control and control over the dedicated server, the possibility of backup ) ...