Ongoing operational projects

Ongoing operational projects
  • Electronic Certification System (CA)
    National Real Estate Transaction Management System
    Integrated management system of the mechanized real estate store fund of the country
    Country Guilds Information Management System
    Import order registration management system (registration)
    Electronic certification and data center services
    Automation system for sharing funds of the country’s trade unions
    Fastmelk real estate filing subsystem
    Mechanized car transaction registration system
    Mechanized cash register system of the country’s car exhibitors
    National Real Estate and Housing System
    Automation of the country’s trade unions
    International Electronic Certification System (CA)
    Card guild management and issuance system
    Guild information and ancillary services project
    Carpet weavers information management system
    Tax memory service




IoT applications
Virtual Server
Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS
Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS
Infrastructure services as services — IaaS


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