Automation of distribution of funds received by the country’s guild unions

Project description 


Considering the requirement of Iran Chamber of Guilds to shares the received fund from the applicants for the issuance and extension of business license under determined amounts and ratios, the agenda for funds distribution automation was established. The system accomplishes all the operations related to receiving membership fee, business license extension etc. online, and when the applicants pays the same amount, the respective share parts from guild unions to Iran Chamber of Guilds will be computed and settled to the interested party’s account according to guild system regulations. 


Project objectives 


  1. Launch online service 
  2. Distribution automation integrated with secretariat system of the High Supervisory Board
  3. Distribution of funds received in origin of payment 
  4. Clearing and executing terms and regulations in financial transactions of guild unions 
  5. Establishment of accounts management system and handling classifications, organizing and concluding terms of trade unions 
  6. Organizing legal registration of trade unions in organization for registration of deeds 

Manner of execution 


The project has been implemented with participation of Parsian Electronic Commerce Company, and the company is the executor of electronic payments, and Raahbar Trust Tech is the executor of distribution automation. It is so important to determine the trade unions’ requirements of funds distribution and the requirements are available in payment switch by distribution automation.