Country real estate transaction registration management system

The real estate transaction management system of the country in 2008 in line with the government’s economic transformation plan and combating commercialization, the country’s real estate transaction planning plan after the approval of the Cabinet in the housing working group in terms of regulating the housing market and supervising guilds to the then Ministry of Commerce Was notified.


This system has been designed and implemented with the aim of organizing housing affairs and in an integrated manner with other related systems by Rahbar Informatics Services Company.


• Record all real estate transactions
• Creating a system for the general management of real estate transactions in the country
• Transparency of the activities of real estate consultants in the country
• Prevent the activities of unlicensed trade unions and unauthorized persons
• Restore the true dignity of licensed real estate consultants
• Integration of information of real estate consultants units
• Standardization of union activities
• Unification of transaction registration method between all guild units (real estate consultants) in the country
• Use of digital signatures for licensed real estate consultants in the country