(ISeema) Samane Behengam Ghadir Company

Behnam Ghadir System Development Company, under the brand name of I Sima, is known as the first interactive television operator in the new media industry as a leader in providing content services.


Due to its reliable technical infrastructure, experienced manpower and organizational values in its organizational vision, i-Sima seeks to become a new creative digital media center to provide content services to mass and organizational users.


In the era of new media dominance, i Sima will try to offer its services to mass and organizational customers based on the principles of creativity, comprehensiveness and foresight.

As an important strategy in IRIB, IRIB’s organizational and specialized services pursue the following goals:

Development of internal and external communication
Strengthen and manage the brand
Knowledge building and core competency for employees
New information
Sustainable marketing
Business transparency for the community
Promoting organizational motivation
Content service

Aiming on the way ahead, aware of the momentary changes in the media and Internet content services industry, relying on leading standards and creativity, has prepared itself to play a new, efficient and streamlined role in the content and new media industry.


One of the most important strategies of Behnam Ghadir System Development Company to achieve its goals is the following goals:

Content service development
Content customization
Pay attention to macro markets
Collaboration with innovative content companies
Product development
Creating common consortium markets with content industry actors