Issuance of business license

Description of project

Application for launching trade union project was presented by Raahbar Trust Tech Company on Dec.

22, 2015, having implemented the trade union system, it was officially started all over the country on Aug. 20, 2016. The project has been presented for the purpose of organizing and integrating all the trade union as well as preventing the activities of trade unions without business license across the country.


Issuance of business license for all the trade unions either technical or non-technical businesses is considered as the main process of trade union system, and the license is issued based on trade union ID, the characteristic of the trade union ID is its uniqueness which is issued separately for each trade union.


 Also, application for representative office of foreign companies in Iran including official agency, office, distributor and branch is investigated and admitted by the system.

All the requests including extension, relocation, changing class, issuance of product license are applied by the system.


Complaint against union and provincial and city commissions and following up the complaints are made by this system. Management of inspectors, approvals and commissions, drivers, users, vacant units, security seal, notifications and news related to trade unions, chamber of commerce and commission as well as types of reports across the levels are made by the system.

Manner of project implementation

Requirements are communicated by the employer (Iranian Guild Union, association of merchants’ affairs) to Raahbar Trust Tech Company, executor of the project implements the measures according to requirements.