Issuance of electronic certification

Description of project

Given the issuance of a license for the activity of Raahbar Trust Tech Company, as the private intermediate center, providing electronic certification services to all the systems under the control of the company that use electronic certification services according to company’s infrastructure capacities has been started in a finite amount.

A digital certificate is the identity card that virtually identifies individuals’ real identities for e-business.

The use of digital certificates is, in fact, the use of digital signatures and data encryption; in case there is an intention to exchange data with a defined online identity, one can do his business through authentication using digital signature. In case of confidentiality, it would be possible to exchange documents and instruments using data encryption.

Digital signature

Digital signature is considered as a new generation of electronic commerce, and because of electronic signature, a great change has been made in relationship and interactions.

Digital signature is used for identification and following up the documents, this means that if a message sent on the Internet has no legal validity so far, it will take legal form using a digital certificate.