Introduction of Rilcom Company

Rilcom Raahbar Company in order to develop the country’s infrastructure in the field of telecommunications and communications with the aim of strengthening the position and role of the country in the communication corridor of Asian and European countries to create a safe, stable network with broadband transit capacity using fiber optic network The Railway of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a length of more than 10,000 kilometers.

company Services

Utilization of the latest telecommunication technologies in the optical transmission layer, including OTN-NG DWDM technologies based on 100 Gbps channels, as well as optical and electrical switching systems, the possibility of providing a variety of services including SDH, ETH and OTN with capacity Provides various world-class SLAs. In order to develop the country’s infrastructure communication services and also to increase market share, Rilcom Raahabr Company has tried to employ qualified and first-rate manpower with the support of specialized knowledge in technical-executive fields, extensive measures to create a sustainable platform with Ability to transmit capacity of 3 Tbps (equivalent to 3000 Gbps) with protections in different layers of active and passive equipment, power and…. And cause the growth of the country’s position in this strategic market.