Danesh Bonyan Raahbar Sarir Integrated Tracking Systems Company (established in 2013) is a leading company in the field of accelerating and providing specialized start-up services.

The company supports innovative ideas by providing a platform for collaboration with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and start-ups.

Serir strives to connect their products and services to the market with its continuous support of start-ups and knowledge-based businesses.

Serir has done 3 acceleration cycles so far and has dealt with more than 110 teams and ideas (the teams that have used Serir services in various ways so far are more than double this number).


Among the applicant teams, three teams, Dengipal, Lanserfay and Hambagah, have already left the acceleration process and are operating as a start-up company.


Also currently in progress are the three teams / projects “Generation of Emerging Drugs”, “Desulfurization of Fuel Oil” and “Pagsha”.

– Deng Pal:

Dangipal Financial Startup was formed in May 2017, and in September 2017, participated in the second call for teams to participate in the Serir Accelerator and received positive feedback from the judges.


This team entered the acceleration after the pre-acceleration process in Sri Lanka and was registered with the Companies Registration Organization in 2009 under the name of “Slab Transaction Development” with the financial support of Sarier.


In the first phase, Serir owns 15% and after attracting capital from the next investor, it owns 13.5% of the company’s shares.


– LancerFy:

The Lanserfai team started its activities in 1396 with the participation of 3 people, with the aim of integrating freelancers and outsourcing. The startup is focused on creating a platform for monetization.


In Lanserfa, people can be paid for the length of various projects based on their skills. Individuals can also submit their projects to specialists with complete confidence so that they can be done at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time.

– Hamboodgah:

Hamboodgah is a platform that allows writers / translators, publishers and organizations to collaborate on knowledge production.