Production and execution

Production and execution

Today, the advancement of technology has spread in various fields and has created dramatic changes. In the construction industry, based on its use, intelligent systems can follow the following



– Calm down

– Welfare


-reduction in costs

Therefore, the movement in this direction is proceeding with considerable speed.

Companies and organizations operating in this field in our country are consumers of equipment produced by foreign brands, including European and Chinese.


Due to the production gap of these devices in the country, after years of experience, research, engineering and implementation of numerous projects, Rahbar, as a manufacturer of comprehensive building intelligence systems in Iran, is proud to be ready to produce and supply all smart devices. Announce the manufacture and even production of special devices.


This capability is derived from the high engineering power, accuracy and quality of the company’s products.

Due to the domestic production of these products, while maintaining a competitive quality compared to prominent brands, they are also very cost-effective.


Also, the products of this company have more capabilities in terms of functionality, and for special applications and factories, it is possible to design and produce special parts.




IoT applications
Virtual Server
Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS
Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS
Infrastructure services as services — IaaS


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