One of the most basic and key issues in providing services in the field of information and communication technology is having a data center service delivery infrastructure so that the maneuverability of the executives of national systems, achieves a very high potential.

In addition, this center will be used as a place to establish and provide services to other systems of other organizations.

From providing various services in this field based on tariffs, the company achieves a reasonable income, in addition to ensuring the stability and maintenance of internal or managed systems and It subsequently benefits from indirect income.

Main Features Leader Data Center

  • IT Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Advanced Network Operation Center (NOC) Monitoring System
    • Power Monitoring
    • Hardware Monitoring
    • Software Monitoring
    • Server Log
  • 24-hour support system (24/7 Tech Support)
  • Using the latest technology in data center design based on Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
  • Convenient geographical location

Data Center Services Raahbar Informatics Services Company

  • Services (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS)
  • Provide 1G network port
  • Sharing space and services (Colocation)
  • Dedicated racks, safe and enclosed space (Cage)
  • Web hosting services (DNS, Mail Server,…)
  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Cloud Virtual Private Server – Cloud VPS
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Mechanized cash register system of the country’s car exhibitors
  • National Real Estate and Housing System
  • Automation of the country’s trade unions
  • International Electronic Certification System (CA)
  • Card guild management and issuance system
  • Guilds Information and Ancillary Services Project
  • Carpet Weavers Information Management System
  • Tax memory service
  • Electronic Certification System (CA)
  • National Real Estate Transaction Management System
  • Integrated management system of the mechanized real estate store fund of the country
  • Country Guilds Information Management System
  • Import order registration management system (registration)
  • Electronic Certificate and Data Center Services
  • Automation system for sharing funds of the country’s trade unions
  • Fastmelk real estate filing subsystem
  • Mechanized system for registering your transactions