Sharing space and location services (Colocation)

Sharing space and location services (Colocation)

Rahbar Company has launched a new data center based on the latest technology in the world. The services that can be provided in this data center have the following features:


Applicants for rack space rental services can achieve new racks according to the latest standards, electrical routes and different bandwidth simultaneously and advanced monitoring system to achieve a higher level of quality and more favorable reliability in terms of environmental conditions, ventilation and cooling system. To maintain their equipment, use the above data center space.


One of the efficient and effective facilities in data centers is the possibility of sharing space for large institutions and organizations. With these facilities, organizations and institutions that need space to house their powerful servers backed by high-bandwidth, can use the location services (Colocation) or space sharing services in the data center.

Companies, institutions and organizations, sometimes spending huge time and money, have taken scattered and incomplete measures to create or develop a data center, which in most cases has prevented them from achieving the desired result.


Public and private organizations that used to have to host servers abroad to access their information resources can now maintain their own servers inside Iran, in a leading data center, with high quality and security and in accordance with the latest international standards. 


In Rahbar Data Center, all customer equipment is stored and protected in a suitable environment and private space in such a way that unauthorized persons do not have access to this equipment.


Ensure the benefits of a standard data center such as a space equipped with advanced security features, air conditioning and humidity control, dedicated hosting spaces, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, an emergency power supply system, and more.


In addition, Guide Datacenter greatly ensures the physical and communication security of your servers and equipment.


The possibility of hosting your servers and equipment and providing space sharing services, from one unit to full space (one or more racks) with the following specifications is provided by Rahbar Datacenter


Some features of space sharing services and location services (Colocation)

Allocate suitable space for hosting the client server

Use Redundant bandwidth routes

Use multiple power supplies simultaneously Backup

Provide 32 amps of power to each rack

Ventilation system for each rack (In Row Cooling)

Provide Gigabit network port

Ability to host Blade equipment

Quality and stability of services are guaranteed with a reliability coefficient of 9.99%.

Information Security (IT Security)

Ability to manage a dedicated server by the customer

Ability to make a backup (Back Up)

24 * 7 technical support




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