Specifications, potential and standards observed in the Raahbar data center

Specifications, potential and standards observed in the Raahbar data center
  • Specifications, potentials and standards observed in the raahbar data center

    Data center design according to Tier3 standard and Uptime standard in the field of mechanical, electrical and network.
    Use multiple power supplies simultaneously Backup
    Power supply backed by 2 lines A and B.
    High capacity generator in case of emergency power outage.
    The newest and most advanced fire alarm and extinguishing system in the world
    Very high capacity and advanced cooling system (In Row Cooling)
    Use Redundant path and bandwidth capacity
    Connecting the data center of Rahbar Informatics Services Company through optical fiber and radio communication platform to the infrastructure and telecommunication company with the ability to increase communication capacity.
    Information Security (IT Security) using the most up-to-date firewall technologies.
    Create security layers using the most up-to-date equipment such as Firewall, IPS, WAF
    Service stability without service interruption
    Advanced monitoring and monitoring system
    Data center design based on Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
    Advanced and complete backup system with high reliability.
    Provide 1G network port
    Providing web hosting services to organizations and companies such as DNS, Mail Server, etc.
    Virtual server allocation with custom and customizable resources (Virtual Server)
    Server Hosting Services (Co-Location)
    24 * 7 support system

    Operating system:

    CentOS 6 64bit
    CentOS 7 64bit
    Debian 7 64bit
    Debian 8 64bit
    Ubunto 14.04 64bit
    Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit
    Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit
    Windows Server 2016 Standard 64bit




IoT applications
Virtual Server
Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS
Cloud Virtual Private Server — Cloud VPS
Infrastructure services as services — IaaS


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