Support and after-sales service

Support and after-sales service

One of the most important principles of market stability and customer orientation is to provide support and after-sales service.

All products manufactured by this company in the field of intelligence due to high quality have a 12-month replacement warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.


Due to the international situation in our country, imported brands may face problems in supplying parts and accessories to provide after-sales service.


This is while the leader guarantees support due to its domestic production.


Another issue in intelligence is system updates.


For example, if the system installed in your building belongs to 5 years ago and today you need to add a new device to your building intelligence system, the new version may not support the previous version, so such a possibility is not possible or upgrade The system will cost a lot. However, using standard protocol, Rahbar allows the customer to update its production systems in addition to after-sales service.




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