Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS

Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS

The virtual private server has all the features of a dedicated server, but its hardware limits are separated by VMWare software.



Virtual Private Server (VPS), or VPS for short, has most of the features of a real (dedicated) server, but the amount of hardware resources is defined using the latest software and virtualization methods.



This type of service is suitable for individuals, small companies or start-ups that need a dedicated server, but do not have the necessary economic justification to fully rent a dedicated server.



The cost of these services is lower than a dedicated server, but in terms of performance and performance capabilities, it acts like a dedicated server. In addition, virtual server support versions are easily retrievable.



Compared to the web hosting service, this service provides the possibility of providing Administrator access for customers, and due to the separation of the virtual file system, it is more secure and you will be sure that your information will be completely “out of reach” of others.



The operation of a wide range of virtualization technologies (such as VMware ESXi) as well as some clustering solutions (including Microsoft Cluster Service) requires the provision of a platform for the exchange of Layer 2 communication over Ethernet segments.



The widespread use of these technologies in data centers, as well as between data centers (data centers that are managed in several different geographic locations but under one system), forces organizations to shift communication platforms from Layer 3 networks to Layer 2 models. Slowly




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Virtual Dedicated Server — VDS
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