Virtual Server

Virtual Server
In some important businesses, organizations and industries, even a minute of service interruption can cause heavy and sometimes irreparable damage.

With the help of cloud infrastructure, information will always be available without interruption, and the speed of sending and receiving data will increase dramatically.



In fact, the cloud infrastructure eliminates all the worries about uninterrupted storage and access to information.

With the help of cloud technology, it is possible to increase resources such as memory, processor and storage space when needed.



Thus, when the traffic and the volume of activities increase, it is possible to increase the resource moment by the same amount.


In a cloud infrastructure, only the amount of resources used is paid for, and it is possible to increase or decrease the level of resources according to need at any time.



In this type of service, there is no concern about infrastructure costs and equipment maintenance.


Also, by carefully monitoring and reviewing the amount of consumption, it is possible to provide the basis for principled management of resources and reduction of costs.


Due to in-country hosting, it has higher accessibility and higher speed.



Due to the improvement of the country’s infrastructure and the increase in the bandwidth of the communication network inside the country, as well as the unprecedented increase in the exchange rate and the problems of transferring and paying money abroad, using Iran’s dedicated servers can easily meet all your needs with confidence and without worries resolved it.


Virtual Server Benefits

Virtual server has higher and better performance compared to its own level server due to the use of better hardware in the mother server and access to additional hardware resources.



Also, since a large part of the issues related to maintenance and network security are the responsibility of the server, reducing maintenance costs is another advantage of this type of server.



Cloud Virtual Server Rahbar Informatics Services is a service similar to a virtual private server, except that it is provided to customers on the infrastructure of a cloud data center.



This feature makes it possible to take advantage of advanced cloud computing capabilities such as dynamic resource consumption, high speed of service creation, security and high scalability in this service.




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